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Borderlines was selected as a starred book in Library Journal’s August reviews of the Spanish-Language Books:

Borders represent an attempt at division, but at their periphery the lines begin to muddy. While divisions may work in theory, in practice they prove problematic with actual and complicated human lives. This husband-and-wife team create a portrait of lives along the U.S./Mexican border in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley by joining images (drawings) and text (poems). The poetry is presented in both English and Spanish. The duality is fitting, as border culture tends to absorb and negotiate the languages and traditions around it. The poems are simple and direct lyrical descriptions of people about their daily lives and struggles. Using simple charcoal and conte crayons, Reefka creates startling lifelike drawings. Most obvious in these works is the fragile nature of the children who have no choice but to bear out the politics that they were born into. Given recent developments in immigration laws and issues, this book is recommended for interested readers and would make an excellent addition to middle-school classrooms.-Laura Torres, Somerville, MA

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Library Journal selects Borderlines as STARRED book selection!