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Hengyang Normal University welcomed Dr. Steven Schneider to the May 21st opening of The Magic of Mariachi in China.

“NI HAO!” Prof. Schneider’s Chinese greeting warmed the atmosphere, and the audience burst into thunderous applause. Prof. Schneider said it was his first time coming to China, but with the help and efforts of all the faculties and students from HYNU, he had a more in-depth understanding of China, and got a warm welcome.“The origin of the exhibition is the cooperation between me and my wife. She is a painter, and I am a poet.”Prof. Schneider told us the love story between him and his wife, which combined poetry and painting, romantic and poetic feeling. Through the cooperation between him and his wife, he said, they created a new way to exhibit artworks.

View the complete translated news story with pictures  ( Untranslated HYNU news posting here )

Exhibit Guestbook

Visitors left these wonderful comments in the guestbook.

Professor Xiuping Pi, President of HYNU praised the exhibit as following: Art knows no borders! Cooperation creates friendship. Students and teachers of two universities from China and USA get together and communicate. Husband and wife cooperate to create fine arts. Let’s keep on cooperation and create a better future.
Professor Xianwen Meng, Party Committee Secretary of Fine Arts College wrote: let China and the U.S. join and seek the benefit of the world; HYNU and UTRGV cooperate to cultivate outstanding talents.
Jiadi Wang, one of the translators writes: The Magic of Mariachi brings me back to the small town at the border of USA and Mexico and the nice time at UTRGV. Paintings full of tensions and poetic narratives are the souls dedicated to the ancient piety and unlimited expectations for the future.
Weiwei Huang, a teacher from Fine Arts College writes: hope the people of USA get well known of Chinese culture and arts, and seek the beauty of them of both USA and China.
Yali Zhang, a teacher from Fine Arts College writes: Documentary paintings and poems let us know more American culture.
A visitor named Weiwei Hu says: Very special! Unbelievable! Give me a great impact!
A visitor named Yujie Liu says: the image of cowboys impressed me so much! I could feel the special culture of USA, so different Chinese.
One visitor writes: Beauty is life, vice versa
A page of visitor signatures

Jennifer Hiller of writes:

Lovely illustrations pair with lyrical poems in “The Magic of Mariachi,” an homage to the art and tradition of mariachi music. The poems come in all sorts of forms – haiku, free verse, rhyming, dramatic monologues – and are presented side-by-side in Spanish and English. “He has sunk so deeply into the music/The air around him has turned indigo.” It will transport you. “The Magic of Mariachi”is about more than the music – it’s an elegant celebration of culture and history.

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