Borderlines: Drawing Border Lives

Featuring 25 drawings in charcoal, conte crayons, and pastels. This out of the ordinary book pairs portraits of people who live and work along the U.S.-Mexico border with bilingual poems that have been inspired by each of the drawings.

Critical Praise for Borderlines: Drawing Border Lives
“These border portraits caught my eye when I first saw them at the University of Texas-Pan American, and they draw me in even now. Ordinary folks rendered with love, compassion, and intimacy at a time in history when love, compassion, and intimacy are in short supply on borders, especially when it comes to the Tex/Mex border. Hurray for Steve and Reefka and the magical work they are doing crossing fronteras. Hurray for Wings Press for publishing this celebratory book when we need it the most. ¡Que viva!”
— Sandra Cisneros, MacArthur Fellow
author of Caramelo and The House on Mango Street
“Borderlines/Fronteras is a true marriage: poetry and art, English and Spanish, north and south of the border. I'm telling you, such a kiss is this book that you oftentimes cannot tell which came first: the poem, its translation, or the art work. ¡Qué besito es este libro!”
— Rene Saldaña,
author of The Jumping Tree and The Whole Sky Full of Stars
“Borderlines/Fronteras reflects an accuracy of eye and voice that goes beyond mere physical reality and probes the uncompromised elegance of street vendors, beggars, and the Angel who likes tacos. The poetry carries a grace and a toughness that are equally eloquent in the Spanish translation, and the drawings leave the reader entranced by the exquisite beauty of truth.”
— Carmen Tafolla,
author of The Holy Tortilla and a Pot of Beans and Sonnets & Salsa
“Steve and Reefka Schneider have created a portrait of border life that utilizes both words and pictures to capture an historical moment. My copy of Los Mexicanos pintados por sí mismos (1846) includes personalities such as el músico de cuerda, la recamarer y el ranchero to present a moment in time that has passed. The notable difference in Borderlines/Fronteras is the inclusion of working children. These compassionate portraits, from the accordion player to the bead seller, show their everyday public lives, la gente decente on whose backs we have constructed the vast, complicated economy and culture that is the border today. In the discussions of walls, guns, drugs and abstract policies, we need to remember that ordinary individuals live here too, and always will.”
— Kathleen Alcalá,
author of Spirits of the Ordinary and Treasures in Heaven
Borderlines: Drawing Border Lives
Fronteras: Dibjunado las vidas fronterizas
ISBN: 978-0-916727-65-9, Hardback, 64 pp. 19.95 Wings Press.